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Though Perth is known for its sandy soil, trees still sprout up and deposit their leaves and twigs in your gutter. If you simply don’t have the time on hand to clean your gutter every week or two, rubbish like this gathers up and clogs your gutter. This is an extreme fire hazard and one of the major causes of property loss during bush fire season.

Gutter Guardian is renowned throughout Australia for high-quality leaf and debris screens fitted with the smallest apertures which form a fine mesh. The scientific design caters to its fine netting, thereby providing the customers with the best leaf protection to keep the gutters free of blockade particles. Our gutter guards enable free flowing of the rainwater into storm drains.

We are manufacturing and supplying household and commercial sector with the fire-resistant Premium Aluminium Gutter Guards. Our CSIRO certified Premium Gutter guards are safe for every customer since these are approved guards with a fire rating less than 1, but with an aperture of 1.8mm or less.

Installing Gutter Guardian gutter guards on your gutters means you can rest at ease………

We supply aluminium gutter guard anywhere in Australia and Perth is no different.

Why not give our friendly staff a call and you will be surprised how cost effective  our aluminium gutter guard is.

For large orders we offer FREE freight to your door.

Gutter Guardian products can be installed DIY or you can arrange for installation by one of our customers that we supply in Perth.

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