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Mid Range

$8.95 per metre



Gutter Guard Suppliers & Installation

Our gutter guards are built tough for Australian conditions, and designed to keep your home safe from fire and water damage. All of our products are made locally and we also take care of the gutter guard installation for you. No more climbing ladders to clear your gutters every year, just an easy, purpose-built solution to keep your gutters clear all year round. 


Fire Protection

Leaves and debris gathering in your gutters is a fire risk. Australia unfortunately sees a lot of bushfires, and even a blaze several kilometres away can send ash and embers flying towards your roof. As you know, embers and dry leaves aren’t a good combination.

Our expertly designed gutter guards are made to ensure leaves and other debris falls off your roof, rather than creating a fire risk in your gutters. Our products are tested and certified by the CSIRO, and they’ve received the highest possible fire rating. Give your family peace of mind, and cover those gutters today.


Protect Your Roof from Water Damage

Water damage is another reason that dead leaves and roof gutters don’t mix. Your gutters are designed to allow rainwater to run into downpipes around the home, but that can’t happen if the pipes are blocked with debris. This causes blockages, cracked downpipes, and can even cause your gutters to collapse as they fill with water.

Gutter Guardian’s gutter guards don’t restrict water flow – they just stop leaves and other debris from getting in the way. 


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