Why Gutter Guards?

Gutter guardian’s Ali Smart guard saves every drop!

Install gutter guards to safeguard rain water and protect gutters and roof

Rainwater, especially pure, debris-free and acid-free water, is a precious resource in drought-prone Australia.When it rains water collected by your roof is transported by your gutters to one or more junctions from which it is routed to your rainwater tank.This process breaks down when your gutters become clogged with leaves and debris.With Gutter Guard, you can ensure that your gutters stay clean and the rain finds its way into your water tank.

Gutter Guardian Manufacturing

Makes high quality, Australian-made expanded aluminium leaf and debris screens with the smallest apertures, forming a mesh that is fine enough to even prevent mosquito entry. The fine netting provides the best leaf protection available keeping your gutters free of debris, preventing blockage of drainpipes allowing the rain water to flow freely into your storage tanks. As the leaf debris gets blown over the Gutter Guard, none is left to decay and corrode your metal gutters and roof.

Installing Gutter Guard helps to maintain the integrity of your roof and gutters increasing their durability by 2 to 3 times, saving you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Another problem caused by a build up of debris in gutters is fire. When the debris dries out it becomes perfect kindling and is a frequent cause of housefires.

To prevent this building authorites in Australia recommend a metal guard with an apperture of 1.8mm or less. Our PREMIUM guard has been certified by CSIRO as an approved guard with a fire rating less than 1. Unlike plastic or fibreglass that is flammable, our PREMIUM aluminium Gutter Guard is fire-resistant and thus suitable for bushfire-prone areas.

Aluminium does not oxidise so your gutter guards retain their fine look for years to come.

PREMIUM expanded aluminium leaf screens from Gutter Guardian Manufacturing are characterised by the following:

  • Australian made
  • High quality aluminium design
  • Small apertures
  • Fire rated under 1 (CSIRO certified
  • Durable
  • No oxidising or discolouration
  • Easy DIY install


During Australias recent drought, clearly the worst in living memory, we discovered the real need for gutter protection and how the preservation and collection of water is so important to us. It might well be said that gutter protection, enabling more water to be collected could have been very useful during the recent Victorian bush fires.

We are very fortunate that Gutter Guardian gutter protection system has many secondary benefits apart from keeping dry combustible material from your gutter. This particular gutter cover, in fact, was designed as a water harvester as well, and it works perfectly. The material has a very small grate, similar to a cheese grate, and when properly installed facing the roof, the gutter guard forces the water into the gutter preserving this precious resource – clearly you get to keep all of the water while keeping the leaves out.

It is fairly common to find that people spend good money buying quality rain water tanks but failing to fit proper gutter protection so when the rain comes, a few leaves collect over the downpipe clogging the drainage system, and all that precious water is lost – not a very happy event if you find fire beating its way to your property.

Also as a result of our very bad drought we are now faced with ever-rising water costs so this gutter shield will help you conserve your money too. Keep your money in your wallet.

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