Why Gutter Guards?

Gutter guardian’s Ali Smart guard saves every drop!

There are so many reasons to install Gutter Guardian on your home.  Whether you want to collect more rainwater for your tank or just improve the quality of water you already collect, Gutter Guardian can help.  Maybe you want to reduce the risk of fire to your property, or prevent corrosive damage to your roof and gutter. Whatever your reason, Gutter Guardian’s proven quality and industry backing mean you’re making the right choice.

In our current dry climate, every drop of rainwater counts – you don’t want to lose precious water because your gutters and drainpipes are filled with leaves and debris.  Using Gutter Guard means every drop that falls on your roof will be able to flow into your water tank. Conserving rainwater is so important, and the more water you collect, the more money you’ll save on expensive water bills!

Using Gutter Guardian means you’ll collect even more rainwater for your storage tank, thanks to the special design of the holes.  The innovative system means Gutter Guardian effectively works as a water harvester, directing more rain into your gutters. The product has tiny grates (just like a cheese grater), and when it is correctly installed and facing the roof, the grates direct more water into your gutter.  

Not only will you collect more rainwater using Gutter Guardian, the water will be better quality.  With no leaves or debris to contaminate your water, it will be free of impurities. The fine aperture we use means even the smallest pieces of leaf or twig will be kept out, leaving you with debris-free and acid-free water for your family.

Your home will be better protected from fire when you use Gutter Guardian. 

The debris that collects in your gutters turns into kindling when it dries out – this is a real fire hazard and has been the cause of many Australian housefires.  This is especially important if you live in an area prone to bushfires – you definitely don’t want extra fuel for a fire hiding in your gutters. Prevent the build up of dry, combustible material by keeping debris out.  Gutter Guardian is fire resistant because it’s made of metal – other products made of fibreglass or plastic may only provide more fuel in a fire situation.

Another reason to use Gutter Guardian is to protect your home from damage

When leaves, twigs and debris gather in your gutters, they begin to decay and this leads to corrosion of your gutters and roof.  Installing Gutter Guardian will extend the life of your gutter and roof (they will last two to three times as long) and save you a lot of money in replacement costs.  The product is made of aluminium, so not only is it extremely durable, there will also be no oxidisation or discolouration. Gutter Guardian comes with a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can rest assured it will stand the test of time.  It’ll be looking good for many years to come!

Gutter Guardian can also be used to keep birds from nesting on your roof. 

If you’re finding birds making a home under your solar panels or between your roof and your gutters, use Gutter Guardian mesh to block their access.  A simple strip along the edge of your solar panels or between the gutter and roof gap will have them looking for somewhere else to nest. Using the mesh means rainwater can still get through to your gutters for collection in your water tank.

When you choose Gutter Guardian, you know you’ve chosen a quality product. 

Many building authorities across Australia recommend Gutter Guardian and the CSIRO has given it the best possible fire rating.  Gutter Guardian is high quality and Australian made, and is used on many government buildings, so you can be confident it has the respect of the building industry.  An added benefit is it’s easy to install, so you won’t need to hire a professional to do it for you. Simply prepare your gutters by making sure they’re clear of debris then follow the easy DIY installation instructions.

Perhaps the best reason to use Gutter Guardian is knowing you’ll never have to clean out your gutters again – once installed, our product will do all the hard work for you!

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