Gutter Guard Perth

Gutter Guardian is where Perth turns to for Gutter Guards

If you are looking for gutter guards, get Australia’s highest quality gutter guards made out of Marine grade aluminium. Gutter Guardian gutter guards are the best quality gutter guards and you buy direct from the manufacturer which means big savings.

All of our gutter guards come with a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty that ensures quality workmanship and a robust working life. A gutter guard installed on your gutters gives your gutters three times as much life before it needs replacement or repair.

Gutter Guardian not only protects your gutter from blockage caused by plants and debris, but is also suitable for protecting your solar panels or other roof-mounted equipment, is a shield against fire and also helps you save water.

Keep birds and other nasties out with Gutter Guardian

Perth and the suburbs get about 3,200 hours of sunshine each year. It makes sense to purchase solar panels to gain as much from the sun as you can. With some types of solar energy systems, birds often nest in the gap between your panels and your roof. These birds are not only noisy but can damage your expensive equipment.

Gutter Guardian aluminium mesh is designed with a 1.4mm aperture made from Marine grade material that keeps insects as small as mosquitos out from under your solar panels or inverters. Gutter Guardian not only is a guardian for your gutters, but for your equipment where birds and other nasties can nest, such as satellite dishes or evaporative cooler units.

Gutter Guardian is your Fire Guardian

Though Perth is known for its sandy soil, trees still sprout up and deposit their leaves and twigs in your gutter. If you simply don’t have the time on hand to clean your gutter every week or two, rubbish like this gathers up and clogs your gutter. This is an extreme fire hazard and one of the major causes of property loss during bushfire season.

Gutter Guardian fine protective mesh keeps your gutters free of any debris from trees, plants or other debris floating in the air. That’s why it has a fire rating of below 1 from the CSIRO, one of the best fire protection ratings possible.

Save more water with Gutter Guardian

Perth wasn’t spared during the drought, and had the second lowest water storage levels in Australia behind Brisbane, with a low of 23.6% in February 2007. Water restriction stage 4 was imposed throughout South-West towns such as Bridgetown, Hester and Mullayup. We all know it’s important to save water, and Gutter Guardian gutter guards can help you do just that.

Keeping leaves and twigs out of your gutters not only helps you save time on cleaning and keeps your property, but makes sure that all the rain that is caught by your gutters flows properly into your water tank. This means you can make your collected rainwater go even further, and water your plants, wash your car and your property without paying a cent for it. It’s another way Gutter Guardian gutter guards give you real value for money.

Get a quote and install before you know it

Call or contact us today to get your free, no-obligation quote on Gutter Guardian aluminium mesh gutter guards. They’re easy to install and you can even choose to install yourself. We also have licenced Jims’ Group installers that can come to your home or property and install for you. Why wait? Save money while protecting your investment from fire and damage with Gutter Guardian.

We can supply aluminium gutter guard anywhere in Australia and Perth is no different.

Why not give our friendly staff a call and you will be surprised how cost effective  our aluminium gutter guard is.

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