Fire Prevention

The wise choice to save lives!

Criteria for gutter guards may well include the following:

They are likely to be metallic;

Have an aperture size of less than 1.8 mm

To my knowledge, there are only two companies producing the gutter guards approved by under the town planning acts. Gutter Guardian PREMIUM Gutter Guard made of aluminium is clearly an approved gutter protection under the modified acts. Fire Certificate for our Premium guter guard ZeroLadder ZeroLadder Fire Certificate PDF file bushfire There appears to be a moratorium on gutter guard at this time, but very clearly the day will come when total enforcement of the revised acts on approved gutter guards becomes mandatory in order to save the lives of many Australians. The next time when the fire is heading for our property, we will all be more confident if we have taken every precaution including the fitting of an approved gutter guard, to safeguard our homes as well as save our lives.

Choose wisely; choose Gutter Guardian Gutter Guards.

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